About the farm

Paradise Road Farm is a working farm, nestled on 100 rolling acres just outside the town of Sheffield in North West Tasmania.

A little bit about the farm

The farm is on an old dairy/grazing property called Home Leigh. We purchased the farm in 2016 and moved onto the property in late 2019.

Our vision is to enhance the farm by applying regenerative farming principles - care for the environment, or animals and the people around us.

For now, most of the farm is currently under lease and is home to around 100 dairy bull yearlings (yes you read correctly, bulls!)

The bulls are managed using rotational grazing – all the cattle are gathered together is a single paddock and moved every one to two days between our farm and the neighbouring property. Depending on when you arrive you may or may not see (or hear them).

We also have a friendly family of goats (who you can pat and feed) and friendly Barnevelder chickens who would be happy to help if you don't eat your bread crusts!

Plans for paddock to plate

The kitchen garden started life from bare grass in November 2019. Already we have grown and harvested many kilos of food for the kitchen table. There are plans afoot for the completion of a farmhouse kitchen with a future fit out of a workshop and dining space. In the meantime ask us about our 'Off Season' special featuring vegie soup made from our organic pumpkin and potatoes.

Native bush regeneration

Regenerating and restoring the areas of remnant natural bush and the platypus habitat in the dams and creek  is part of our long term vision. In ;ate 2020 we were honoured to receive Landcare Action Grant to enable fencing of the creek and sensitive remnant bush on the farm. Replanting is now underway with many seedlings successfully propagated and grown from seed collected from the farm.

When you book directly with us, $25 will be put into our regenerative farming fund. This fund will contribute towards this important work.

Platypus watching

The farm is home to a healthy population of platypus. Normally very shy and difficult to spot in the wild, our platypus are pretty relaxed and don’t seem fussed by the humans.

Want to participate and find out more?

If you would like to plant your own tree/s and see what we are doing, please ask, we would be happy to take you on a tour and show you around.

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