Environment and sustainability

Care for our environment is at the heart of everything we do at Paradise Road Farm.

As part of our vision to build a regenerative farming enterprise we are seeking to manage and reduce the environmental impact of the farm stay accommodation wherever possible.

During construction:

We worked closely with the builder and associated contractors to ensure the following:

  • On-site waste sorting and recycling — we were able to divert many kilograms of waste including everything from cardboard and metal off-cuts to the builders’ drink cans and bottles.
  • Substitution of standard imported timber window reveals and Merbau decking from tropical forests with locally sourced timber.
  • Investment in a quality build to ensure longevity and performance adhering to mandated energy efficiency standards.
  • A high level of insulation and energy efficient appliances.

As part of our ongoing operations:

  • Use of organic cotton linen and towels and line drying whenever possible.
  • Sourcing of locally made and environmentally friendly toiletries and cleaning products. We don't provide single use plastic packaged toiletries. Where plastic packaging is used for cleaning products, wherever possible we choose brands with recycled plastic packaging
  • Use of local and seasonal ingredients
  • In room recycling for guests.
  • Composting and worm farming with food waste (As part of your stay please use the bins provided).